Frequently Asked Questions

Is Cooper Green going to close?
No, Cooper Green is not closing. 

Is UAB taking Cooper Green away from the County?
No, UAB would manage the operations of Cooper Green for the County, not take it from the County.

Will Cooper Green patients get good patient care?
Yes, with UAB Medicine expertise and world-class care, patient care would improve.

Will patient who used Cooper Green before be turned away?
No. Patients who have used Cooper Green before will still be able to use Cooper Green. Care will not be cut.

What is the reason for this agreement?
The ultimate goal is to provide better care for you and your family. UAB will help the County continue operating.

What will happen to the employees of Cooper Green?
While we are still working out details and timelines, we know that Cooper Green employees are vital to patient care and will be needed going forward. All current employees will be given preferred status to express interest for positions with the Healthcare Authority (HCA) subject only to very basic administrative requirements such as a drug screen and background check. At the scheduled closing of the transition agreement (expected January 1, 2020), employees will be transitioned from employment with Jefferson County and will be become Healthcare Authority employees.

Will Cooper Green employees maintain their accrued sick and vacation time?
Employees will be made whole for their accrued sick and vacation time. Jefferson County and UAB Medicine leadership are discussing several potential options.

What about my pay?
Individuals will be brought over at their current rates of pay and individual compensation discussions are most appropriately directed to HR representative, Chanell Daniel.

What about my pension?
The intention is to allow anyone with less than 30 years of service to choose whether or not they would like to stay on the county pension and continue to accrue years of service in this plan. Jefferson County and UAB Medicine leaders are currently working to finalize details of this plan.

What about my insurance? Other benefits?
A comprehensive benefit package is currently being prepared. Jefferson County and UAB Medicine leadership are working collaboratively create the most seamless transition as possible for employees.

Do I have to go through open enrollment with the county in August?
In order to maintain benefits from October-December you will need to go through open enrollment. Employees making the transition will go through the UHA benefits enrollment process as “new hires” later in 2019.

What is my title going to be? Who will I report to?
Jefferson County and UAB Medicine leadership are currently evaluating all titles to ensure seamless transitions for employees. We are working to minimize disruption and changes to organizational reporting structures with the understanding that some functions currently provided by (and reporting to) the county will need to be addressed.

How can employees voice their opinions and share their concerns with the people who are making the decisions?
Comments and questions can be submitted at In addition, employees will have opportunities to hear updates and ask questions in meetings, presentations and discussions to take place at Cooper Green. Dates and times will be announced.