Frequently Asked Questions

Is Cooper Green going to close?
No, Cooper Green is not closing. 

Is UAB taking Cooper Green away from the County?
No, a newly created Health Services Authority will manage the operations of Cooper Green for the County, not take it from the County.

Will Cooper Green patients get good patient care?
Yes, with UAB Medicine expertise and world-class care, patient care would improve.

Will patient who used Cooper Green before be turned away?
No. Care will not be cut. The County will continue to manage the enrollment process.

Will patient care be more expensive?
No, Cooper Green patients will not have to pay more for services due to the creation of the Health Services Authority. UAB Health System (UABHS) will not financially benefit from any surplus the Authority might make; instead the surplus will be retained by the Authority and used to improve access and quality of patient care.

What is the reason for this agreement?
The ultimate goal is to provide better care for you and your family. UAB will help the County continue operating Cooper Green.

What will happen to Cooper Green employees?
Cooper Green employees are vital to patient care and will be needed going forward. All current employees will have the option to continue working with the Health Services Authority at their current salary – subject only to very basic administrative requirements such as a drug screen and a criminal background check. Employees will be transitioned from employment with Jefferson County and will be become Healthcare Authority employees in April 2020.

Will Cooper Green employees retain their titles and supervisors?
Jefferson County and UABHS leadership are currently evaluating all titles to ensure seamless transitions for employees. We are working to minimize disruption and changes to organizational reporting structures with the understanding that some functions currently provided by (and reporting to) the county will need to be addressed.

What about Cooper Green employees’ compensation?
Individuals will be brought over at their current rates of pay and individual compensation discussions are most appropriately directed to HR representative, Chanell Daniel.

What will happen to Cooper Green employees’ pensions, accrued sick time, and vacation time?
Current employees may elect to continue participation in their County pension program. Employees’ accrued sick and vacation time will transfer in full to the Authority. The Pension Board and HR representatives will hold one-on-one meetings with employees in the Spring of 2020.

What about Cooper Green employees’ insurance and other benefits?
A comprehensive benefit package is currently being prepared. Jefferson County and UABHS leadership are working collaboratively create the most seamless transition as possible for employees.

How can employees voice their opinions and share their concerns with the people who are making the decisions?
Comments and questions can be submitted at In addition, employees will have opportunities to hear updates and ask questions in meetings, presentations and discussions to take place at Cooper Green.